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Published on February 7th, 2020 | by greentechheadlines


The Solar and Geothermal Sources of Alternative Energy

Solar Energy and Geothermal energy are two energy sources that are growing in popularity, both of which have been around for a long time but still seem to be something of a mystery. Solar energy is a form of renewable energy and comes from the sun’s rays.

When we talk about geothermal energy, we refer to energy that is derived from a water source. Unlike solar energy, geothermal energy does not come from the sun’s rays but from the heat that is created by heat from beneath the earth’s surface. A good example of geothermal energy is in the form of hydroelectric power, where the water is used to create electricity when the water rises above a certain temperature. If you wanted to generate geothermal energy you would need to go underneath the earth’s surface where the water is heated up from below.

Solar Thermal Energy is not really like geothermal energy, though both of them are related to the sun. Solar Thermal Energy comes from the sun’s rays, which in turn are supplied by the photovoltaic cells on the surface of the sun. As the solar rays hit the photovoltaic cells they create an electric current that is converted into electricity through a series of steps and this electricity is passed through the entire power grid. The energy that is produced by the photovoltaic cells can be used to heat water and thus heating the house.

For example, if you took your solar thermal power and worked it through a thermo-nuclear system you would generate electricity that would be harnessed into a source of heat. You could then use the heat from the thermo-nuclear system to keep the hot water flowing or else you could take the water and convert it into the energy that is required to run the house. Many homes now have their thermo-nuclear system and it provides a sustainable source of heat to heat the water, as well as being able to heat other appliances and rooms of the house.

Solar is also used for heating water in the winters in a similar way as the thermo-nuclear system, although this one produces less heat per kilowatt hour (kWh). The only difference between the two systems is that the thermo-nuclear system works using the whole system, while the solar thermal system operates by heating the surface of the sun.

Solar energy is much more expensive than the alternative forms of renewable energy such as wind and geothermal, but the cost is only going to get cheaper. It also has a much larger market, which is why it is likely to become more widespread as time goes on.

Solar and Geothermal are the most common forms of alternative energy sources and it’s safe to say that both will be around for a very long time. As these methods of energy generation become more efficient, more people will start to use them to power their home.

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