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Published on January 14th, 2020 | by greentechheadlines


Tesla Model S – What Is The Truth?

When the launch of the Tesla Model S was announced a few months ago, many people hoped that it would be a revolution in the automobile industry. If you’re going to give an electric car a full EV model name, you would think it would be obvious. Well, according to the folks over at the Los Angeles Times, many of the Tesla Model S owners are very confused as to why they pay a lot of money for a car that does not get nearly as good a mileage as its higher-priced competition.

Many of the media outlets that ran this story were none too thrilled that Tesla made its cars available for consumers to review online. You’d think they would know better. At any rate, the Tesla Model S would have a pretty good-looking, sleek, fast-charging-available model name, but only when other car owners do not review the car.

Even more disturbing is the fact that the car is not showing up at the showrooms. I wonder how many owners are worried that if they can find it online, they will get a good deal on a car that they don’t want.

What are the Tesla newsroom, the design company, and the press saying? Well, after reading several of the articles, I can say that the company’s need to be taken down a notch or two is all of the reason that we will have to wait until the time comes when they have some sort of radical design change. I would bet that they will be putting this car back on the market and re-branding it. The only way to do that is to re-badge it as a limited model or wait until the current run of cars are completely thrown out and all the old stocks that were sitting around in storage facilities are sold.

You would think the price would be important if they wanted to attract a wider audience to the car. In reality, most consumers are not able to afford a Tesla Model S. The fact that they are unable to afford the car is not the issue; the problem is that the car is not giving them any power.

And it really is frustrating to look at the car and want to want to go do something with it. Why, if this was something you needed and you were going to pay the money, you would think that the money would help you enjoy the car more.

If they wanted to make the Model S work for the consumer, they should have something to offer that would solve their problems as they see them. If they don’t then we will have to wait until the next car comes out and adds a little to the overall package.

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