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Published on February 13th, 2020 | by greentechheadlines


Is There Any Risk With Buying Tesla Stock?

Elon Musk has declared that if Tesla starts up in California, it will consider it a success. He doesn’t want to be the second company that is opening up. He wants to be the first company that’s established itself. And he wants his stockholders to have a stake in it and to know how it works.


Elon Musk is a very smart guy, and he knows that what he and his employees have developed is a super car. It’s a technology that is not just unknown, but a mystery. And at the moment, everyone is scrambling to find out how it works. That is not something that can be ignored by Tesla’s board of directors. They must begin to figure out a way to sell shares of stock in this company as soon as possible.

Tesla is doing a very good job with their super car, but they still don’t have a launch date. We all have this idea in our minds that a company has to go public at some point in order to build a stock for the future. But if you think about it, what happens if you are successful with your product?

Tesla has worked really hard on developing this super car, and now that they have a prototype running and working, they realize that they need a lot more money in order to bring it to the public. They’re going to need funding from investors in order to pay for the research and development. But, is that going to be enough? No one knows for sure, and the company does not seem to be saying so.

Jeff Eichler, Tesla’s CEO, has been promoting the company aggressively, trying to get people to buy stock in the company. Jeff has made a few important statements that could seriously hurt the stock price. For example, he has stated that if you are considering buying Tesla stock, then you should wait until the markets open on Monday. And he has also said that there will be no more pre-orders.

If you’re buying stock right now, the timing for buying right now may be disastrous. Even though the shares of Tesla do not have any lists yet, the opening on Monday is only about two weeks away. If the stock starts to fall, you could lose hundreds of thousands of dollars before you can find any kind of company to buy stock in.

If Jeff Eichler wants to make it to the Monday opening, he needs to make a few announcements that can drive the stock price higher. He has to give stockholders a reason to invest in this company. A much more compelling reason than opening up their wallet.

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