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Published on March 28th, 2020 | by greentechheadlines


How to Build Your Own Solar Power Generator

The technologies for the solar energy have progressed a lot. It has a wide range of applications, both for homes and in industries. We can actually build our own solar power generators at home. All we need is some schematics of the various components and DIY instructions.

The materials for making solar panels at home include the photovoltaic cell, the cells to convert the sun’s energy into electricity, the wire harnessing structure, the solar concentrator, the glass and the mounting device. The different types of solar cells are silicon, gallium arsenide, indium gallium nitride, and amorphous silicon. There are also different kinds of collectors for converting the collected solar energy to electricity.

The photovoltaic cell is the most important part of the solar energy panels. It produces electricity by receiving photons of light from the sun’s rays. Photons of light have a very small energy compared to the light that has been captured by incandescent bulbs. With an installed photovoltaic cell, we will be able to produce electricity using a little amount of sunlight and this is the source of the energy produced from the solar energy panels.

The wire harnessing structure is the most important part of the solar panel. This structure connects the cell to a harness that is attached to the roof or ground. All the power generated by the cells will go through the wire harnessing structure.

Amorphous silicon solar cells have an efficiency of 25 percent when converted to electricity. If we use the normal type of silicon solar cells, they will only convert to about 10 percent of the sunlight’s energy.

If we install the right equipment, we can produce enough electricity from the photovoltaic cells to power the entire house. All we need is to make sure that the structure’s electrical wires are properly tied up.

The power needed for the complete installation of the solar panels varies depending on the size of the house. If we have a single family house, we will need two solar panels and if we have two or more families living in the house, then we will need four or more solar panels.

There are a number of websites offering a free construction guide and instructions for building the solar panels at home. We just need to download the plans and instructions and then get to work.

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