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Published on April 1st, 2020 | by greentechheadlines


Tim Draper Wins Big Bet Against Auto Industry

The gentleman who runs a car dealership that is running its commercial and gas guzzling Model S cars is not just any other car dealer. He is Tim Draper, an outsider that’s gotten in and won a major bet against the automotive industry. He says he has enough capital to buy out all of the major car companies in America and possibly even the ones outside of the United States if the industry can’t afford his offer.


His ultimate goal is to turn electric cars into mainstream and popular. With all of the electric car manufacturers working in stealth mode there is plenty of room for the masses to get to use electric cars that are faster and more efficient than their gasoline fueled counterparts. If this is the case Tesla is right on track and its near future looks very bright.

Many automobile manufacturers have felt the wrath of a bailout offer by the government before and only because the government bailed them out they could see the end of the auto industry. Tim Draper believes that he is doing the right thing for the United States and that its not fair that the auto industry is so much larger than the tech industry. People have been pushing for alternative fuel and EVs for years now but people continue to have faith in our mass production and high-powered engines. Many believe that the government should get involved with these changes and do what it can to slow down the advance of EV technology in order to provide American consumers with affordable, safe and eco-friendly cars.

It would seem that Tesla has crossed the gap between the tech world and the auto world as well. Many have compared its influence over the auto industry to that of the Apple and Microsoft rivalry. However, Tim Draper isn’t just your run of the mill billionaire; he has poured his money and his personal financial resources into a business plan that most people can only dream about.

This is a good thing for American citizens, because it means that we will no longer be tied to our own government and that we can make our own decisions instead of having to have someone like Tim Draper decide what is best for us. This is the philosophy of capitalism in action and it is by far one of the most effective ways to solve some of society’s greatest problems. The downfall of Tesla is one of the biggest problems that the world faces at the moment and with the help of America’s leaders and citizens we can continue to have the freedom that we have been promised by our founders.

Unfortunately, this whole situation has brought to light one of the biggest myths of our time and that is that a company or person cannot be successful due to an underlying “real” merit or meritocracy. The truth is that a true meritocracy is founded on merit. Whether you are born with a silver spoon in your mouth or you are born with an unlimited amount of money is immaterial. What matters is what you do with it.

In the United States we live in a meritocracy and the best social systems in the world are the ones we have. What’s ironic is that a true meritocracy will go against the very structure of our current system and if we were to do away with the meritocracy we would be doomed. So as long as those who build and manage our real meritocracies stay true to their principles and don’t bow to the threats of capitalism, they will be around to ensure that the United States continues to move forward in its society and economy.

Tim Draper is a genius and this is one example of why we can’t afford to lose him. It seems like every single day new innovations are being produced by some of the smartest people in the world and they are brought to us through open source software. Innovation and the willingness to try new things is what makes the United States the great nation that it is today.

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