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Published on March 26th, 2020 | by greentechheadlines


How Does the Electric Car Work?

Did you ever wonder how a Tesla could earn millions of dollars? Is it possible to build an electric car that produces zero emissions and will become the best selling electric car in history? How come no one can manufacture an all-electric car right now? Read on and find out about the amazing technology behind the successful electric cars today.

The answer is in the patents filed by Nikola Tesla. A couple years ago, Tesla was granted several patents for a new type of electric motor called the DC motor. The patent for this motor actually covers the entire electric car system. This one patent alone has revolutionized the way we build an electric car today. From this one patent, Tesla was able to create the invisible electric motor which is the secret behind his success.

How does the e-motor work? Magnetic motor works by creating a permanent magnet. What this means is that when you apply electrical current, flux collects and turns the permanent magnet from a “solid” into a “liquid”. When electricity flows into the liquid state, the energy increases and the permanent magnet will change form from a solid to a gas.

Electric motors have two types of power–direct and inductive. Direct electric motors work by using electricity flowing in direct connection to a permanent magnet and another magnet. In an induction motor, the electricity flows through a coil and this coil will cause the magnet to spin.

In a DC motor, the electricity passes through a coil that is attached to a permanent magnet and then attaches a second magnet. When electricity is applied to the first magnet, the energy from the DC motor causes the second magnet to spin. As you can see, all of the moving parts in an electric car are based on DC motors.

Another secret is that the new type of motor Tesla invented allows for more power and torque. These motors are capable of producing ten times the horsepower of other motors. Due to this incredible new technology, Tesla was able to beat Edison and Ford in an electric car race in San Francisco.

Because Tesla was able to create this new technology, he was able to design the system to be extremely simple. However, the car’s internal workings were not as simple as his drawings showed. For example, he had to design and develop the internal combustion engine of the car which made it seem like it would be impossible to create an all-electric car at first.

Years later, these secrets were revealed to the public and his competitors were actually impressed by the impressive car that was created. The invention of Tesla’s electric car was revolutionary and is considered the start of an industry that is still currently changing the world we live in.

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